Our Stand On Safety

We believe that safety -for our drivers, employees, customers, and the general public that we share the road with- is our primary responsibility as a motor carrier.

The Safety Director, dispatchers, and the Office Manager will, as a team, cooperate, support, and assist in all facets of the Safety Program and Policies.

We support and abide by all federal, state and local laws that govern the motor carrier and the transportation industry.

We recognize that the successful implementation of safety policies and procedures comes from stringent qualifications for driver selection, continual education and training, evaluation, and recognition of the daily practice of safety in all areas.

Through continual education and training, we will equip and enable all employees to perform their duties and responsibilities safely and according to company policies.

Periodic safety audits and evaluations will identify unsafe practices or conditions that will be addressed and re-mediated.

Observed safe behavior will be recognized and rewarded. Habitual unsafe behavior will be disciplined, up to and including dismissal for warranted situations.

We acknowledge our responsibility to our drivers and the public to operate a fleet of tractors and trailers that are serviced and maintained to a high standard of safe operating condition.

We believe our commitment to, and follow through of, the above statements will result in the prevention of accidents and injuries, and improve productivity and profitability.

David Marlow

Company Founder and President

Jan. 30, 2017